Prior Experience

The companies in which we invest are already on an excellent growth trajectory. The goal of 3 Boomerang Capital is to enhance and accelerate their growth and scale.

Our team has consistently delivered impactful, hands-on, added value to our entrepreneur partners and their companies. This proven experience, coupled with our ability to execute strategic acquisitions, accelerates organic growth, improves operating margins and increases efficiency. We have a powerful formula for consistently enhancing our portfolio businesses.

Previous Relevant Experience

The companies presented above are intended to be examples of the types of investments that 3 Boomerang Capital’s founder, Mr. Adam Dolder, was involved with at a prior firm. The companies presented above do not represent all investments made by funds managed by such prior firm or with which Mr. Dolder was involved but are intended to be generally illustrative of the types of companies with which Mr. Dolder has prior experience. Other than with respect to Mr. Dolder, 3 Boomerang Capital’s investment committee is comprised of different individuals than those who served on the investment committee for the prior firm which made investment decisions with respect to the companies presented above.